Below is timeline of the history of the world acording to pastafarianism .

Early Life and Big Bang (5000BFSM -4567BFSM)Edit

  • 1/1/5000BFSM - The first day appears. The FSM creates large balls of flaming gas, which accidently leak water creating seas. It was pretty weird for the stars to be immerged in the ocean, so the FSM seperated them and created vast galaxies and cosmic stuff.
  • 1/2/5000BFSM- The second day appears. The FSM creates filment, which he renames "Land", since

    Big Bang

    filment-ho! didn't sound as good as land-ho. The FSM creates a volcano that releases beverages and decides to keep it in heaven near the stars instead of the land.
  • 1/3/5000BFSM- Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, the FSM was hungover, and forgot what he had created the previous day, so he renamed the land Earth. Then he grew lush jungles of rice, grass, semolia and ferns.
  • 1/4/5000BFSM- The FSM created more stars including the sun and moon.
  • 1/5/5000BFSM- The Big Bang happened and a tree and mountains and midget were created.

Age of Invention (4567BFSM -25FSM) Edit

  • 4600BFSM- The invention of toilet paper
  • 3000BFSM- Mosey the Egyptian short order-cook is born
    Pastafarianism by

    FSM visits Mosey on a Mountain

  • 2980BFSM- Mosey turns age 20, and leads the other short-order cooks in rebellion agaist Phill
  • 2981BFSM-Mosey forms the first true pirates and pastafarians, and is stranded ontop of a mountain, where he receives the commandments.
  • 2500BFSM- Early pirates encounter Noah. Noah builds the most inefficiency boat ever made of "mud and animals" dubbed Noah's Ark (Ark means container, not boat, so it wasn't a very good boat)
  • 2501BFSM- Noah is beaten by the Pirates and cries so much, he creates a flood (Noah's Flood).
  • 2506BFSM- Noah has several sons, including Ham , Omel, and Cheese.
  • 2518BFSM- Ham builds a tower of rotting food (The Tower of Scrapel ), which upsets everyone due to its terrible stench.
  • 1950BFSM- Exploration by Egyptian Pirates to The Land of Punt.
  • '75BFSM ''''(Pastafarian Year 1)- Mosey's 2925 year old life ends after he kidnapped Julius Caesar, and is killed by Caesar's men
  • 1FSM - Fanibhusan meets and marries Ishmali's mom
  • 7FSM- Ishmali is born in India
  • 25FSM-Construction of Hanuwumdra, by Ragu at the base of the Himalyas in India.

Age of Piracy (1100FSM-1820FSM)Edit

  • 1100FSM- The Middle Ages Begin
  • 1300FSM- According Pastafarianism, Aristole is born
  • 1595FSM- Francis Drake (Pirate) catures Incan Towns in Venezuela
    The Flying Spagetti Monster
  • 1669FSM- Henry Morgan catures Venezuela
  • 1688FSM- Henry Morgan dies
  • 1701FSM- William Kidd is executed
  • 1716FSM- Blackbeard arrives in the New World
  • 1718FSM- Blackbeard blockades Charlseton, North Carolinia for medicine to help other (no hostiages injured)
  • 1720FSM - Anne Bonny and Mary Read tried for piracy
  • 1768- Indian Ninjas (whom forgot the ways of Ishmali) murder several pirates, then ask for forgiveness
  • 1776- The thirteen colonies become independent and become the USA
  • 1811- Venezuela gains independence from Spain
  • 1820- Ireland, United States, India, Venezuela and Egypt form the Historical Pastafarian Nations, for historical pastafarian events occuring in their history

Age of Moderness 1990FSM+Edit

  • 1921 - Ireland gains independence from England and with the blessing of his noodileness the FSM for the Republic of Ireland
  • 1995FSM- Venezuela joins World Trade Organization
  • 2005FSM- Bobby Henderson first recordedly mentions and refounds [[Pastafarianism|pastafarianism

    Pirates Ahoy (Somalia)

  • 2006FSM- The Gospel of the Flying Spagehetti Monster is released, and the events of year 5000BFSM, 3000BFSM, 2980BFSM, 2500BFSM-2518BFSM are revealed
  • 2005FSM- Unclycopedia creates Flying Spaghetti Monster article, which introduces the facts about Mosey, Ishmali , Hanuwumdra , and Ragu 
  • 2008FSM- Pastafarianism has 200 million fallowers
  • 2012FSM- Somalia pirates currently raid the oceans and seas

Sources Edit

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  3. Uncyclopedia
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