India was one of the founding coutries of Pastafarianism. Ragu built the religon's captial Handuwan, in India


. Ishmali, a ledgendary prophet of pastafarianism, was born in India. Hanuwumdra was an Indian city built by Ragu by the first Pastafarians. The first Pastafarians were Egyptian, so Hanuwumdra explains any culture similarity from Egypt to India. Unfortunately, the city only last approximently fifty years, because of drought and lack of irrigation. After 12 years at sea, Ragu was one of those who survived the attack on the Pastafarian vessel, soon becoming the spiritual leader of this group of people as well. After composing a number of prayers to the FSM , Ragu led his people off the shores of the Mediterranean and into what is now Saudi Arabia, wandering through the desert and most of Iran for 47 years until they finally reached the foot of the Himalayas, at which point they began to build the holy city of Hanuwumdra. India also had ninjas that were enemies to pastafarians.

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