Pastafarianism is the religion of the followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Pastafarians have been around since the Creation of the World. They are manifested in the modern Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


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According to all available accounts, Midgets/Midgits were the first Pastafarians. The Book of little people goes further, saying that Midgets were the first, with Midgits coming later, followed by Pirates and Lumberjacks. However, Fearsome Pirate Pete says that a Midget/Midgit was created, and he became a pirate.

Early TimesEdit

After the spreading of people throughout the World, those people began to sin. So the FSM flooded the World, having Captain Jeff save two of every spice. People spread again, going into many different professions. Pirates became the FSM's favorite, so He made a Pastament with Abe (his drinking buddy) that his descendants would live on the 7 seas (Canaan was taken) if they would be Pirates. After a series of mishaps, the descendants of Abe finally made it to the sea under Captain Mosey. Mosey passed the Commodoreship onto Josh, and it continued to be passed on throughout history.

The Golden Age of PiracyEdit

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During the Golden Age, Pastafarianism was the dominant World religion. Pirates controlled the Caribbean Sea, where they had many adventures.

The PurgeEdit

After the Golden Age had passed, Pirates had grown sinful, so the FSM decided to to stop protecting them. Some Ninjas (believed to be the first Scientists), who converted many to their heretical ways. Pastafarians went into hiding. Science continued to grow.

The Great Revelation Edit

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In the year 2005, the great prophet Bobby Henderson made the Great Revelation. In the Open Letter to the Kansas School Board, Bobby revealed Pastafarianism to the World. Pastafarianism grew, and life is great.