Bobby Henderson is a major prophet of FSM and he started the Great Revelation, bringing many to Pastafarianism.

About Edit

He was born in Oregon; USA in 1980, then traveled to other states and an island in the Phillipines, before returning to the US. He graduated from Oregon State University with an education in B.S. Physics.

Impact on the Great Revilation Edit

I'm 2005, when he was 25 years old, after just graduating, he decided to write an open letter to the Kansas School Board explaining how intelligent design, eveloution, and 'Flying Spaghetti Monsterism' should be taught for equal amounts of time in schools. This letter soon went viral, and as it converted so many people, it was known as the 'Great Revalation'. Without Bobby, the Flying Spaghetti Monster may never have been re-introduced to the modern day world.

Book Edit

Bobby wrote The Gospel Of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the holy book of the religion (similar to the Christian Bible). It has sold many copies, and includes lots of information on the FSM and Pastafarianism, like The 8 I'd Really Rather You Didn'ts and other legends.

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