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A Beer Volcano is located in Heaven (or the Pasta Bowl). A constant source of great cool beer flows from the volcano. The Underground Freezer of Doom, or Hell, offers a stale beer volcano. In fact there is no hell, Actually, there is a hell it's just that very, very few are deserving of it and there is no torture in hell. but those who are disliked by the FSM are not allowed in the good parts of Heaven and are thusly confined to stale beer and the kind of strippers filled with venereal diseases. This part is sometimes colloquialy called Vegas.


-An infinite supply of bottles to catch the beer in. For those with bad aim, the cups can come with a magnetism that attracts beer.                                                                    

-A beverage selection dial, offering an infinite array of tasty liquid refreshments, for the underage and those - for some reason - who do not favor beer .

-A dedicated janitor to clean the spilled beer for the payment of more beer.

-A beer gun, which allows for awe-ful stunts of shooting beer into one another's mouths.

-Ample supply of anti-nausea pills. There is no need for anti-hangover pills as you'll pretty much be drunk the entire time.

-Air conditioning. It's a volcano, so the unit is the size of a 5 story building.

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