The Great Pasta BowlEdit

A true Marlenah (aka anyone who declares themselves a follower of FSM) will go to the Great Pasta Bowl to join Our Lord, the Ancient of Poodles, the Flying Spaghetti Monster. True Pastafarians will enjoy a volcano of beer (with all beverages, of course, including non-alcoholic ones for those who don't want to be permanently drunk). They will further enjoy a stripper factory for all eternity.

Computer terminals accessing any number of worthy and unworthy websites and other good things are also provided. Whatever you personally like is provided. Stripper factory: necessary for FSM to make its point? Therefore, those who feel there should be more to afterlife than beer and strippers will not face disappointment. R'amen.

Pastafarian Hell Edit

The Pastafarian Hell is similar to The Great Pasta Bowl, except the beverages are stale and the strippers all carry STDs. It's located in the worst part of the Pasta Bowl that no-one likes. It is only truly evil people who get sent there (not non-believers in the FSM, as they will go to their own 'heaven' or version of it).

Freezer of DoomnessEdit

(There is no freezer of doom in Pastafarian Pastology.) The Freezer of Doom is simply a myth some Pastafarians created to scare children. For which you'll be frozen into a teenager's mini fridge forever. You will be subjected to all that occurs inside this refrigerator of mininess.